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The works of improvement and modernization of the road that connects the valleys of the Esera and Isabena have entered into its most spectacular phase, the installation of the bridge over the ravine on the ravine of Espluga. It is a structure of 152 metres long and 66, height, which is located in the valle de Lierp and which will require an investment of almost EUR 3 million. The bridge, as well as save the ravine of Espluga, avoids the environmental impact with the Congosto of Egea.


Image of the beginning of the installation of the bridge over the ravine of Espluga. Photo: Pablo Otin/DPH 


The Vice President of the Diputación Provincial of Huesca (DPH), driving the works of this means of communication, Miguel Gracia, valued so the performance: "without a doubt is a very important performance, being a great advance in the aim of backbone of this the Ribagorza area".

Grace has remembered that these works, "will allow complete communication between the sections of valleys of the Isábena and Esera in the eastern part of the Pyrenees".

The bridge over the ravine of Espluga is a truly great piece of engineering. On both sides of the ravine a few brackets have been installed and two pillars of more than 50 meters high rise on the own bed of the ravine. In addition, a large metal structure on which glide beams that will build the bridge has been installed in one of the banks.

In total, the structure, are five parts, aged between 25 and 46 meters long, depending on the distance saving. Each of those five parties weighing 200 tons.

The work, carried out by UTE Viacron-Horpisa, has about 40 operators, both for the installation of the bridge - must be borne in mind that only the metal structure installation requires about three days of work - as in the 1.7 kilometers surrounding the bridge and they have been awarded to the joint venture.

To date they have developed 7.5 kilometers of a work that is carried out thanks to the collaboration since 2002 maintaining the DPH and the Government of Aragon and that will allow to improve the 17 kilometres, across the road HU-V-9601 unite the towns of field and Veracruz.

The investment made in this work to the present day is of EUR 4.8 million. Since the provincial government remember that collaboration with the Government of Aragon has been developed through different agreements, aimed at the completion of the work in its total and of which only remains tender a stretch of about two kilometres. This tender will be held soon. The total of all these conventions added some 16 million euros.

The project includes different actions according to the sections: from the extension of the road, until the Elimination of curves or the realization of completely new stretches that eliminate the most dangerous points on the road, significantly cutting travel between the two valleys and increasing levels of road safety.