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The Council of Huesca has awarded the company Viacron, s.a. the remodeling works will be run in the Manuel Bescós Street and its junction with the street Cabestany, a performance that includes the replacement of municipal services networks as well as the redevelopment and removal of architectural barriers. The works have been awarded in the amount of 314.600 euros and the lead time is four months.

Councillor for urbanism, María Rodrigo, explained that "this area will undergo a complete renovation and will configure a new modern and functional for the enjoyment of pedestrians and adapted to living with vehicles".

The Manuel Bescos Street part of father Huesca Street and leads into a small square which also empties the Benabarre Street that connects with the Cabestany Street. The redevelopment of all of this space will consist of the removal of sidewalks and the configuration of a single platform without architectural barriers and a new paving that will improve access and mobility in the area. It will also improve the existing lighting, with the replacement of the current luminaires and lamps by other more efficient, and new furniture will be installed.

A line of trees on the Manuel Bescos Street, will be available in the axis of the road helping to separate the area of exclusive use for pedestrians than that by which consigned vehicles accessing their garages or other vials. In this same axis luminaires, bins and bicycle parking, will be placed with what all urban furniture will focus on a single line.

The central space of the square of intersection of three streets, three circular planters and bench, which will have its own system of lighting under the bed will be installed.

Networks current and sanitation, quite damaged, that in this stretch run overlapping and that gas and electricity networks have been incorporated was previously remade. Thus the current conduction of the sewage network by one of 400 mm diameter PVC shall be replaced and all rush home and sanitation wells will be changed also 

The supply network will be also renewed in its entirety and replaced by another 100 mm in diameter. In addition a series of pipes of reserve for future expansion of services for own vial will be included.

Also includes a network of irrigation drip along the Manuel Bescos Street, as well as a stretch of street Cabestany, who reach each new street trees. And it will run also an island of four containers buried in the access to the street Benabarre.

Fuente: Ayuntamiento de Huesca